A Life Event…

Marriage, Childbirth, Purchasing a Home…a life event.


Purchasing a home is a pretty big life event. Everyone wants the “best” they can get.  The best house for the best price in the best neighborhood. Choosing the best Realtor is the most important part of this process.  After all, it is free to use an agent when buying a home as their commission is paid by the seller. It’s kind of a no-brainer. I mean, you wouldn’t choose McDonald’s over a 5-star steakhouse if you had a choice and both were free, right?

Here at MavRealty, we cover the full spectrum of a real estate transaction from the sourcing all the way to close and more.  We have off-market properties, in-house legal and construction experts, and overall culture of excellence and efficiency.


Realizing you overpaid, got a lemon, or are on an endless ride along searching for homes hoping that you find something…ANYTHING because you can’t seem to get your offer in on time or your realtor seems hard to get a hold of and “SO BUSY”.  To us, any agent that claims they are too busy really means,  you have a problem with time management and team management. 

We always have time for our clients and will always get you the best deal. Guarantee.


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