Why Meeting Your Neighbors Is So Important…


When you move into your new home, it is easy to keep small talk with the neighbors. It all starts with a “Hello, good (morning, afternoon, evening.)” or the awkward,  “How’s the weather?”.

The path less traveled is sparking a conversation and taking the time and effort to learn about your neighbors.  

But why?

The answer is simple,

You don’t have to be best friends with them, but if an emergency (big or small) arises, having a neighbor that can help you out (and vise versa) is a good feeling to have.

A 2011 survey of 17,000 people, sponsored by State Farm and conducted by Harris Interactive, found:

  • 45 percent would help a neighbor look for a job
  • 44 percent would cook meals for a neighbor
  • 32 percent would assist in babysitting for a neighbor
  • 15 percent would lend a neighbor money
  • 10 percent would let a neighbor live with them for a short while.

— A.E.R.


Either way, you should always reach out and get to know the person living next to you. Who knows, you and your neighbor could hit it off and you could have just found a new friend, a new babysitter, a new carpool group for your kids to get to and from school, or someone you can trust and get suggestions about which local coffee shop has the best coffee. No matter what, it can’t hurt to be nice and introduce yourself.




To be twice as efficient, twice as fast, and work twice as long is to do the work of 6 people…

Six is a very high multiplier. 3 years is 18…4 is 24…think about it. Why stick to status quo if there can be a better way to make things more efficient?
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast, get it?
If you work from 9-5, why can’t you put in an 8-midnight shift too?

The rebuttal is, well, I want to enjoy my evenings…
My rebuttal is, well, suck it up for a few years and enjoy both the daytime as well as the night.
Why move into a single-family home and have a large mortgage when you can buy a triplex and have no mortgage and start building wealth and cash flow.


What is the point of being a slave to a desk and a time clock when you can work at 600%, take the extra revenue, buy assets that put cash in your pocket, so that you can have more years doing whatever it is your heart desires.

When you exchange your time for money you will always be limited by your time.
As soon as you have enough money from exchanging your time, you can start using that money to buy other peoples time and/or assets that make more money.
Now you have an even better multiplier.

At MavRealty we specialize in real estate investment.  I have helped build over 325 million dollars of investment real estate portfolio performing assets and a few of those million for my own benefit.

A Life Event…

Marriage, Childbirth, Purchasing a Home…a life event.


Purchasing a home is a pretty big life event. Everyone wants the “best” they can get.  The best house for the best price in the best neighborhood. Choosing the best Realtor is the most important part of this process.  After all, it is free to use an agent when buying a home as their commission is paid by the seller. It’s kind of a no-brainer. I mean, you wouldn’t choose McDonald’s over a 5-star steakhouse if you had a choice and both were free, right?

Here at MavRealty, we cover the full spectrum of a real estate transaction from the sourcing all the way to close and more.  We have off-market properties, in-house legal and construction experts, and overall culture of excellence and efficiency.


Realizing you overpaid, got a lemon, or are on an endless ride along searching for homes hoping that you find something…ANYTHING because you can’t seem to get your offer in on time or your realtor seems hard to get a hold of and “SO BUSY”.  To us, any agent that claims they are too busy really means,  you have a problem with time management and team management. 

We always have time for our clients and will always get you the best deal. Guarantee.


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