Don’t Fall For It…

Don’t just let any real estate agent list your home. images (1)Don’t fall into a bait and switch listing. At MavRealty we are experts at deriving the current value of your home taking into consideration any and all future and current repairs required.

Time and time again we see listings expiring due to realtors who champion listing price points that are absolute exaggerations and a colossal waste of time for the seller.

If you would like an accurate depiction of your homes value and a true understanding of the current pulse of your market, give us a call or email today.

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MavRealty, LLC is the future of Real Estate…Efficiency through experience and technology resulting in volume and therefore savings for our clients. All the while…we are performance based…let us show you. Skip the listing appointments, photographers, signs in your yard, just call us for a few private showings and a locked up solid contract.
Your timeline, your rules, we want to make it easy for you.

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